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Sawyer is FIVE!

Well my baby turned 5 recently and he wanted to celebrate by going to the "Dinosaur Museum." So the five of us plus a Nana and a Grandpa explored the museum and had a lot of fun with this little guy. He loved seeing the Texas Wildlife Exhibits because of all the animals, digging for dinosaur bones, seeing the HUGE Dinos, and of course climbing on anything and everything he could find.

Sawyer is such a joy and is all about being as silly as possible. He started Pre-K this year and he is doing so well. He learns so much every day and comes home to tell us all about it. His favorite thing he's learned so far is all about punctuation marks, lol. And his most favorite one is an exclamation mark -hee hee hee. He'll tell you all about it if you ask him :)

Hope you enjoy our little birthday adventure and maybe in 2020 I will be better about blogging more of my work ;)

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