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Downtown Christmas Adventure

It's been a long time since I have blogged any of my photo session or done a personal photography project, so I decided to do both. I brought my camera, but also documented with my cell phone camera. So here I have a mix of both. We recently went downtown to see the Christmas lights on the Riverwalk with the boys and it was sure an adventure. It was so fun to see the boys explore their beautiful city and be in awe of all the twinkling lights that were everywhere.

Our adventure started trying to find parking. I don't think it matters what city it is, but parking downtown is always a challenge. So we literally parked about a mile away to avoid the $20 parking fees. We then made the trek to our first stop - Whataburger!! Whataburger is our boys' favorite burger place and we were happy to find one downtown in the middle of all the action. It was more like a diner inside than a traditional Whataburger so that was cool. I won't mention that they messed up something on each one of our meals, but they were gracious to fix it all with a smile. The boys never seem to miss an opportunity to wrestle and rough house, even if it's at dinner, in public.

If you have never been to the San Antonio Riverwalk, you are really missing out on something so very special. We had a lot of fun exploring the area, watching all the happy people on the river boat tours, and admiring all the Christmas decorations. The Riverwalk is full of lots of really great restaurants and shops. We found a cool Five and Dime store that we popped into for a bit. Of course the boys immediately found the toy section and tried to rob their Daddy.

No trip to downtown San Antonio is complete without a stop at the Alamo. My middle boy LOVES the Alamo. The Alamo Plaza was filled with a huge Christmas tree and lights everywhere.

We ended our adventure by taking walking break in a very nice hotel. Who knew that riding the elevator and escalators over and over again was frowned upon? Oops.

We all had such a blast. The boys stayed up waaaayyy past their bedtime and didn't want to leave. They also enjoyed running up and down the incline underneath freeway like a bunch of hooligans. Until next time downtown!

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