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An Adoption Story: The S. Family

All adoption stories are unique and special in their own way and there is no one right way to build a family. And I just love how this family was built. Mr. and Mrs. S. have 9 children. Four of the children are their biological children, four have been adopted, and the youngest in currently being fostered and will be adopted by them soon. Something that I think is really special is that the children who were adopted also have a biological/ family connection to Mr. and Mrs. S. What a beautiful way God constructed this family. Today was the day that little Mr. E and little Miss J were becoming "official!" Their little baby brother will have his day in just a few months, but everyone was joyous for these two sweeties. Mrs. S. made the cutest shirts to celebrate the occasion. The shirts all the children wore said "blessings" and the shirts Mr. and Mrs. wore said "blessed." I would definitely have to agree that they are blessed indeed!

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