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An Adoption Story: The R. Family

The R. Family has a great start to 2018 because they were able to finalize the adoption of their baby daughter. They were first blessed with the birth of their precious son two years ago. They then became blessed to add a beautiful baby girl into their family through adoption. Little Miss M's big brother and grandparents were also there to celebrate her big day. He big brother just adores her and I can tell the family loves having a little girl around.

This adoption story is very unique and completely written by God. When I was first contacted to photograph this adoption I was asked to photograph two families who were good friends and happen to be finalizing adoptions on the same day. These two families- The R. Family and The C. Family (to see their blog, click here) met a few years ago at church. Their families quickly became very close friends. They both have little boys about the same age that could almost pass for twins. They both felt led to adopt baby girls, both chose the same adoption agency, both started the process about the same time, their daughters were born only 4 days apart and could also almost pass as twins, and both finalized their adoptions on the same day. What a huge blessing it is to have a good friend like this to journey through adoption with. I have no doubt that these sweet girls will be lifelong friends and will share the common bond of sisterhood and friendship. God bless you R. Family!

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