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An Adoption Story: The L. Family

Oh boy was I excited when the L. Family contact me to photograph their SECOND adoption! It really hadn't felt like it had been almost two years since I last saw them finalizing the adoption of their first son (to see this story click here.) And how blessed are they to add another son to their family? Little Mr. B is such a sweet, easy going, and happy baby. Mr. T loves having a little brother. We had a lot of fun recreating some of the L. Family's favorite shots from their first adoption. A funny thing for this Texas girl about this day is that it was unusually cold for San Antonio. I was worried about the family being too cold outside for photos. But the L. Family chuckled and reminded me they are from up North and left multiple inches of snow to come here. Ha, ha ha! God bless you L. Family! You have some amazing little boys and life full of adventures ahead.

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