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Sawyer is THREE!

How is my sweet baby boy three years old already? Sawyer is the baby of our family and is sweet as can be. He loves his family, his blankie, and his dog Charlie. Sawyer is all boy and his favorite toys are trains, trucks, and blocks. He really enjoys playing in the toy kitchen and cooks up all kinds of yummy things for us. He thinks his big brothers are awesome (most of the time) and loves to watch "Boss Baby" and "Monsters Inc." ALL the time. He takes after me and likes things to be clean, neat, and orderly, but he also is a master of destruction (which he does not get from me). Sawyer loves playing "zombie" with Daddy and also riding on his shoulders. Happiest of Birthdays my Sawyer-doodle. We love you so much and have been blessed by you in more ways than we can count. May God bless you with many many many more great years ahead.

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