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O Christmas Tree!

I confess.. I am a tired mom and I was not really looking forward to decorating for Christmas. Traditionally, I have been the one to do most, if not all, the holiday decorating, even when I was a kid. I just love doing it so much, but each year I get older it just become another thing to check off my to-do list. But this year a miracle happened. The boys wanted to do it all. And they were actually old enough to do it and do it well. Previous years they have "helped." But that really meant play with all the ornaments and spread them over the whole house, OR, put them all in one spot on the tree and decide they are done after about 10 seconds. Either way, it just meant more work for me. This particular morning, my little one and I put the tree and lights up while the older two were at school. My little one Sawyer was so excited to help and couldn't get over all the lights. It was so fun for him. When my two boys got home from school, they immediately ran up to the tree and just started hanging all the ornaments like it was their personal mission. They had so much fun! I just sat back and watched this time. And of course I figured I ought to document this special time so it would be cemented into my memory bank. In the week we have had the tree up, the boys go over to it and rearrange the ornaments, add some, take some off, and play with some every single day. It is too cute. We've had a few causalities so I just keep my glue gun handy for repairs.

Last Friday I told the boys we could go to Target and each pick out a special ornament for the tree. My oldest picked a house that lights up, my middle picked a furry black bear, and my youngest picked a doughnut (who I had to remind several times not to eat it). We picked out a super hero for Daddy and I picked an owl. In all the craziness that comes with taking three little boys to Target, my ornament fell out of the basket never to be seen again. Oh well, that's life. It is so wonderful to see the magic of Christmas through the eyes of my boys and celebrate the birth our Savior with my family. Merry Christmas y'all!

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