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An Adoption Story: The S. Family

I first met the S. family when Baby N. was a newborn. I had to wait to share his newborn session until he was "officially official." The S. Family has been blessed twice by adoption. Just a few few years ago, they brought sweet Miss C. into their family as a newborn adoption as well. Now the day finally came to finalize the adoption of their second child, Baby N. I think this may have been the biggest group I have photographed at an adoption. It was so awesome to see so many family members present showing their support for this special day. Lots of cute little cousins kept the day fun and entertaining. They were all excited for baby N's day. Miss C. is the best big sister and loves her baby brother so much!! It is the sweetest! One particularly unique and amazing thing about this family is that Mrs. S has a twin sister who has a biological daughter and son the same age as baby N and Miss C. What are the chances of that?!? Now all these cousins will have so much fun growing up together. God bless you S. Family!!

Baby N's newborn session

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