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An Adoption Story: The R. Family

The R. Family was in for a special treat when they came from their warm, sunny State to Texas for baby N.'s adoption. San Antonio got a cold front that blew in a couple of days before so it was chilly and super windy this day. And by chilly in south Texas, I mean like in the 50's...and yes that is cold for us ;)

Little baby N started his adoption day at the courthouse will a much deserved nap. He had to rest up for his big moment that he has waited his whole life for- all 6 months of it. N is really the star of his family and its easy to see why. He is such a sweetheart and so very cute! Baby N's Grandpa and Aunt and Uncle joined his parents for adoption day. They all came from out of state to show their support and love for this little guy.

The Judge was very happy to take photos with the family, but was a little nervous about holding N because he said the last baby he held spit up on him. Poor Judge! But after he got some snuggles from baby N, he didn't want to give him back. I don't blame you Judge! God bless you R. family!!

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