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And Adoption Story: The S. Family

One of the perks of photographing adoptions for me is meeting people from all over the country. Many out-of-state families chose to adopt from Texas because Texas has very adoption friendly laws. For instance, in a newborn placement like the S. Family, Texas allows the birthfather to relinquish his rights at any time during the pregnancy and the birthmother will relinquish rights 48 hours after the baby is born. The baby is placed with the adoptive parents at that time and then the adoption is finalized in court after 6 months of supervision by the adoption agency. The state that the S. family is from, the birth mother is not allowed to relinquish parental rights until 30 days after the baby is born. Meanwhile, the baby is placed with the adoptive family where bonding begins. This unfortunately results in many failed adoptions because the birthmother will decide to parent afterall. So it is easy to understand why a family would travel over 1,000 miles to adopt from Texas. And we are so glad you came to Texas S. Family!

This is also the S. Family's second adoption. Big sis was so very cute and excited for her little brother's adoption day. I think that it probably helps her understand her adoption more since she is old enough to experience her baby brother's adoption. What another beautiful family God has put together. God bless you S. Family!

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