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An Adoption Story: The B. Family

The long awaited day for the B. Family finally came earlier this month. About a year and a half ago, a big-hearted couple welcomed two precious little children to their family through foster care. A few months later, two more precious children (twins!) were added to their family. These four blessed children are biological siblings and were able to stay together as a family in their forever home. It is a very special thing to open your hearts and home to children who have experienced trauma, to care for, nurture, and help them heal without the promise they would be yours indefinitely. It is a very special thing to welcome very young children, who are also very close in age, into your neat and orderly. And it is a VERY special thing when prayers are answered and their adoption becomes final. THIS is what I love best about my job as a photographer, capturing those moments when dreams come true and prayers are answered.

A few things about this adoption in particular really struck a cord with me. There were some really neat similarities between one of our adoptions and this family. The B. family had the same adoption worker as we did, they went through the same children's court as we did with Judge Garcia, the Ad Litem they had was also present in our case in different role, and on a total coincidence I saw our adoption attorney there too. It was definitely a little de ja vu. As neat as that was, the thing that really touched my heart was that all the people who played key roles in the success of these childrens' future were present. And if you didn't know already, it truly does take a great team of hard working professionals to make this happen. Each one of these individuals had a specific role to play in the well-being of these children from the CASA volunteer, to the parent's attorney, to the Ad Litem, to the DFPS Adoption worker, to the DFPS caseworkers, and to the Foster agency caseworkers (and I can't forget to mention Grandparents!). They all had to work together and agree as to what the best interest of the children would be. And thanks be to God that the decision was adoption! And as always, The Honorable Judge Garcia made the adoption fun and child-centered. The kids were able to be active participants in the adoption hearing. He was even a good sport and gave a good laugh when the twins started to white-out his schedule as they sat at his bench! It was a joy filled morning full of positive testimonies of why the adoption was in the best interest for the children. I was so humbled to be part of it. God bless you B. family of SIX!!

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