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Jennifer + Derrick Maternity Session

I am always happy about the pending arrival of a baby, but I am REALLY excited about this baby. This is my sister-in law-Jennifer and brother-in-law Derrick and they are expecting their first child this summer. So yep, that means I will have a new nephew! This makes the 4th boy on this side of the family and we all couldn't be more thrilled. I was so very honored to do their maternity session. They live in west Texas and we only get to see each other a few times a year which usually occurs at my in-laws home in north Austin. This particular weekend we also got to celebrate Jen and Derrick with a baby shower to help them get ready for their son. They are such an amazing Aunt and Uncle to my boys, I know they are going to be such wonderful parents as well. They have cared for my children and loved them as their own, except Derrick would always pass on diaper duty, ha ha. That's okay because he will get a crash course in diapering very soon ;) God bless you Jen, Derrick, and sweet baby boy!

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