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Allix & Randy

I was so excited to do this session! Engagement sessions are not something I really do, like at all. But I definitely made an exception for my dear friend Allix. I first met Allix a few years ago at a park where I took my boys to play. She was there with two young children as well and my oldest son really hit it off with the boy she had. I quickly found out that she was the nanny for the two cuties that were with her. Allix and I got to know each other and quickly became friends. We had a lot of fun taking the kids places and doing the "play date" thing with them. As I got to know Allix, she told me that it was her dream to become a San Antonio Police Officer and he had recently applied for the Academy. Let me tell you, this beautiful young lady might be small but she is one TOUGH cookie! Not only was she accepted into SAPD's Academy, she excelled there and graduated at the top of her class. She is now one of SAPD's finest and I know our city is safer because of her. Now, while Allix was in the Academy kicking some serious butt, she met a wonderful and kind young man named Randy, a fellow cadet. The two quickly fell in love and as we say, "the rest was history." The ring Randy designed for Allix is so gorgeous and has such a special meaning. He chose to have the diamond set with two deep blue Sapphire stones on each side symbolizing their profession and how they met. I just love that! I'll say that if these two survived San Antonio's Police Academy, and did it together, then they will have a strong marriage as well. God bless you Allix and Randy as you prepare for your married life together!

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