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Logan is FOUR!

My sweet baby Logan turned 4 last week. He has really been looking forward to being 4. I mean, really looking forward to it. I am not sure why, but maybe because he knows he will get to go to school when he is four, although it won't be until the fall. Logan is one smart cookie and loves to learn. And speaking of cookies, he loves those too. He is really into trucks, dinosaurs, numbers, books, and toys that you can build with like Legos and blocks. His favorite thing is playing with his brothers and hanging out with Mommy and Daddy too. Here are some shots from his short impromptu 4 year old photo shoot. This took some real convincing, like the promise of 100 lollipops and a bowl of ice cream. Luckily for me, he was happy with three lollipops and a small bowl of ice cream :) I love you my dear sweet boy and may God bless you with many many many birthdays and years of happiness.

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