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Rhiannon: Class of 2017

Meet Rhiannon, class of 2017, or "Rhi" as we like to call her. Rhi is an extraordinary young lady with an incredibly bright future ahead. We first met Rhi about a year ago when she became the official children's baby sitter of bible study group. She is absolutely wonderful with all the children and the kids adore her. She has been faithful to love on and care for our children every Wednesday evening. Managing a large group of mostly rowdy boys, you know she has to be good! Rhi is also an active member of Girl Scouts, is a math genius, can use a pocket knife as a multi-tool (which was evidenced by her having two in her pockets the day of the session ;) ), and can change a tire like no one's business. She is confident, smart, funny, mature beyond her years, and has a heart of gold. She will soon become a Red Raider and attend Texas Tech for Mechanical Engineering in the fall. She has captured the heart of my boys and anyone who can do that is alright in my book :) God bless you Rhi and it was an honor to capture this special time in your senior year.

Mom and Dad are so proud of their daughter!

Class of "2017"

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