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An Adoption Story: The Y. Family

Oh I just love adoption! Every adoption story I hear and every adoption I photograph is different and unique in its own way. This family has a special story that includes the birth of their oldest child, a biological son and then shortly after, the birth of their second child a daughter who they adopted. I love how God builds families in all kinds of ways, but the one thing that they always have in common is that they have an unconditional love for one another. Big brother J. adores his baby sister. It was evident that even at only two years old, he was excited for this day in baby E's life. Another special thing about this day was that this military family was accompanied by family and friends. These friends were also military families who have adopted as well. Adoption in a military family can be even more challenging because often times, the family will have to relocate during the adoption process (which can take years). This can mean that the family now has to comply with adoption laws in another state as well as the state they are adopting from. They may also have to have their homestudy completely redone once they have reached their new home. I am so thankful for our military families who serve our country and especially those who answer the call to adopt as well. God bless you Y. family and sweet baby E.! Oh, and you will undoubtably see that baby E. has the best smile with the most irresistible dimples. I really did want to take her home with me :)

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