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An Adoption Story: The G. Family

It's "Gotcha Day" for sweet baby M. just like her outfit says. In an adoptive family, "gotcha days" are about just as important as birthdays. This day represents, in many cases, years of waiting, hoping, and praying for your child. In each adoption, the child comes home to their forever family at different ages and because of different circumstances. Every adoption is unique, yet so similar. There is always a waiting period from when the child comes home and when the adoption becomes final in court. During this waiting period, the adoptive family is further evaluated and observed closely to ensure this is the best fit for the child. So, adoption day is always so special because for the first time in months, maybe even years, the family can breathe a sigh of relief. Their precious child is finally and officially theirs.

I enjoyed getting to know the G. Family and hearing their adoption story. They had a journey full of ups and downs, but their story has a beautiful ending. Baby M. is "offically official" and will get to celebrate her "Gotcha Day" for many many years to come. God Bless you G. family!

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