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Hunter is FIVE!

My baby is 5! I mean really, just yesterday he was a baby and today he woke up a boy. Hunter is our first born and was blessed to us by the gift of adoption. These past five years have really been a wonderful journey with him. He is so smart, kind, funny, full of energy (lots of energy) and ALL BOY. He loves deeply and we couldn't be more proud of him.

I was really hoping he would let me take his 5 year old pictures this year. He has never really been interested in letting me take his pictures before, so I am very glad he wanted to do it this year. I took advantage of the opportunity we had on a family vacation in beautiful Wimberly a few weeks ago. I spotted this great area of shops downtown and knew this was the perfect place for his photos. This little ham did not disappoint. He is always the funny guy and was quite entertaining to onlookers. There were a couple of shops still open during our little photo session. A couple of shop owners came out to watch and one very kind man gave Hunter a Hot Wheels car from his store. Needless to say that Hunter was so excited about this surprise gift.

Happy 5th Birthday my sweet boy. May God bless you this year and many more years to come!

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