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An Adoption Story: The S.-B. Family

I first met little Miss B. this past fall when I did her newborn photos. She has a beautiful story of how she came to her parents through adoption. She was just around 2 weeks old when I first saw this little beauty who had a full head of thick, beautiful hair that stood straight up. I was not able to share her newborn photos at the time because she was just placed with her adoptive family and her adoption was not yet final...but now it is! I was thrilled when her parents contacted me to photograph a very important day in her life which was her adoption day. I couldn't wait to see little Miss B. and her sweet parents again. I could hardly believe it when I saw this adorable little cupcake with a head full of CURLY hair- just like her Mommy! I know what you are thinking, yes she is really that sweet, adorable, and squishy in person as she is in these pictures :) And I can say for sure that little Miss B is in a terrific home with very loving parents who are about to embark on a new adventure this summer. Mrs. S-B is graduating with a very prestigious degree from our US Military and they will be leaving Texas soon to go on their next assignment overseas. I wish you the best of luck, lots of fun, and God's many blessings on your life together S-B family!

Here are a few of B's newborn session:

Now here is Miss B. on her adoption day, 6 months later...

Signing some last minute paperwork before the adoption hearing.

Their time before the judge has finally come. Time to swear in.

The adoption becomes official once the judge signs the adoption decree.

Adoptions are always extra special when friends and family can attend.

Just a little playtime between Mommy and Daughter while they wait to receive the certified copy of the adoption decree.

The long-awaited, highly-anticipated adoption decree!

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