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Logan is 3!

My baby Logan just turned three years old. I might be biased a little but I think he is the cutest little blondie around. And his blue eyes are gorgeous! I was really hoping to just get a few good shots for his 3 year photo session. But he did really awesome during his session with dear 'ol Mommy and I got a ton of cute ones that really show his sweet personality. I never really know what to expect when trying to photograph one of my kiddos, but bribery with a cookie really seemed to do the trick this time ;) And no photo shoot with one of my children would be complete without a photo bomb from our little dog Charlie. This is also one of my favorite photography spots, which happens to be on my parent's property in the country, so it holds special meaning for us too. Happy 3rd Birthday my sweet Logan. May God bless you with many, many, many more!

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