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Adoption story: The A. Family

I was so excited when the A. Family contacted me to photograph baby C's adoption, especially since I photographed him as a newborn this past summer. You can see his newborn session here. It was great to see how much he has grown over these past few months. Little baby C is such a handsome little guy with the most pinchable cheeks (and I think you will agree :) ).

The adoption process is often described as a roller coaster of emotions. I compare it to being pregnant with no due date in sight. Once the adoptive family is approved by the adoption agency of their coice, the waiting game begins. It can take a few short weeks up to a few long years until they have their baby. Most adoptive families have faced many challenges along the way to parenthood, so you can only imagine how emotional the adoption finalization hearing can be. This was definitely the case for the A. Family. Oh my, I don't think there was a dry eye in the courtroom (including me) during this hearing. I could just see the joy, relief, and thankfulness in these parent's eyes as they wiped tears away. It was such a sweet and touching moment that will stay with me a long time. One of the best parts of this hearing was watching the large group of family and friends that came to witness this speical event. The excitement and anticipation was evident as they watched the A. Family finalize baby C's adoption and then broke out in applause and a lot of "woo-hoo's!!" as the judge granted the adoption. It was a great day for everyone involved. Congrats and God bless you baby C and the A. Family!!

Signing the last few documents with the attorney before the hearing, which includes verifying the official name change of their baby

Tears of joy and thankfulness

Once the judge signs the adoption decree, it is official!

Baby C was also very proud of his adoption decree

Four generations!

Call me crazy, but there is something about baby drool that is super cute

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