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An adoption story: The L. Family

It was an honor to be part of the L. Family's special day. The long awaited adoption of baby T was finally here. The L. family is from out of state and "up North," which, geographically speaking, is any where north of Dallas if you live in south Texas like I do. They told me they were happy to be out of the snow for a few days, and I don't blame them. I've been in "real" snow once in my life and that was enough for me.

Baby T. is one of the squishy-est and most cuddly babies. He was really dressed to impress with his pink pinstriped shirt and coordinating bow tie. Really, who can resist that level of cuteness? This family is as sweet as they are adorable and I really enjoyed being there to capture these memories. Congrats and God Bless you with a lifetime of happiness L. Family!!

Signing the last few legal documents before the court hearing

Swearing in

The adoption is official!

Lunch time for baby :)

The long-awaited, highly-anticipated adoption decree!

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