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Adoption Story: The L. Family

I have photographed many adoptions and I have loved each one of them. Each story is unique and special. This adoption really stood out to me this time. Perhaps it was because the presiding Judge really went out of her way to do something very memorable for this family. Or perhaps because it reminded me a lot of how the Lord built my family. With the permission of the L family, I am able to tell you about this extraordinary family.

The L family lives in Texas and adopted thier oldest son through a private adoption. Shortly after they finalized his adoption at 6 months old, they received a phone call from the adoption agency saying that the birthmother of their son was pregnant again and wanted to make another adoption plan with them. I can only imagine what their reaction could have been...surprise, joy, oh my goodness- two babies! So when their oldest son was 10 months old, they welcomed their newborn second son into their hearts and home. I can't help but chuckle a little when I met these two little cuties, especially when their oldest, at 17 months old, was running around. It just reminds me so much of my boys and how my husband and I am always chasing after them trying to juggle life with little ones so close in age.

Hope you enjoy sharing some memories of this special day with the L Family as much as I did.


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