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The Medina Family

I was so happy to do this session for the Medina famiy and it was a very special session for many reasons. You see, Mrs. Medina was my supervisor while we worked in Child Care Licensing at the Texas Department of Famiy and Protective Services. She was a wonderful supervisor and mentor to me those years I was there. If you know someone who works for DFPS, give them a hug because they have a tough job protecting the children of Texas :) When she told me that they were celebrating her mother-in-laws 101st birthday, I knew that I was going to capture a very specail time in their family. What a blessed life she has lived and what a wondeful legacy she has created for her family. It was an extraordinary thing to have four generations present in one room. Mrs. J. Medina is definitely one beautiful and classy lady. I loved her sense of humor when we were trying to get a shot of her with her granddaughters and great-grandchildern. The kids were not happy at the moment and she was just laughing because she remembers what it is like to be a mom to very young children. If you are in that life stage like myself and many of the families I photograph, then you know you just must laugh at those moments. Perhaps the most unique aspect of this session was that they wanted to have the session in Dr. Medina's optometry office. (If you live in the San Antonio area and are looking for an Optometrist go see Dr. Medina!) It was a beautiful and spacious office and I had some fun after the session capturing some candid shots of the children playing around their Grandpa's office. This is a blessed family full of love and fun.

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