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An Adoption Story: The G. Family

Adoption day is finally here for baby E. and the G. Family. They couldn't be happier and it was easy to see that by the huge smiles all over their faces. This Texas family's day was made even more special since their families could attend the adoption hearing.

With their permission, I can share a little bit about their journey to parenthood. This sweet couple endured several pregnancy losses along the way. As devastating as this was, they were not defeated. Their hope to become parents became real again as they began the adoption process. Much to their surprise, they were selected by a birthmother very soon after their application and adoption profile were complete. The birthmother was very early in her pregnancy when she chose an adoption plan, so she and the G.'s were able to spend the majority of the pregnancy getting to know each other. They have a beautiful and open adoption where the birthmother has been able to see baby E. since she was born. In fact, they planned a visit with the birthmother the day after the adoption! What a beautiful picture of love this is. God bless you baby E., the G. Family, and birthmother!

The Whole Family is here!

Reviewing and Signing the last few documents before the hearing begins

Swearing in before the judge

Pure joy knowing that E's adoption is about to be final

The judge is signing the adoption decree, making it official and final!

The judge gave baby E a cute little doll as a gift

The long-awaited, highly-anticipated adoption decree

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